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Business negotiations

In order to hold business negotiations with foreign partners or clients, companies often need a reliable interpreter and sometimes more than one. After all, the competence of the interpreter in the issues to be discussed to a large extent determines the result of the business meeting, which might be a general preliminary understanding or the conclusion of a contract. This is why care must be taken in the organization of business negotiations, and those involved must be aware of the seriousness of the responsibility.

In order to correctly select an interpreter, first and foremost, one must clearly understand what sort of negotiations will be taking place and what sort of decisions might be made during them.

It is sometimes particularly important during negotiations to be able to avoid provoking the other party or letting your emotions get out of hand, which might undermine the negotiations and the possibility of further contacts. Sometimes the interpreter plays a key role in dulling the sharp edges by using a more neutral style in the translation. In the final analysis, how effective the negotiations are perceived to be depends on how friendly the atmosphere is in which the dialogue takes place.

The experience of our interpreters shows that business negotiations are unpredictable, as the participants sometimes depart from the discussion of the declared topics and switch to unplanned issues or dig deeply into a certain narrow field of knowledge. For this reason, the interpreter must be prepared for such situations, have sufficiently broad general knowledge and know how to handle non-standard situations.



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