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Website support

Our company provides services not only related to the development of websites, but also website support. Any Internet solution is effective only if it is relevant for real and potential clients and meets the needs of the constantly-changing market on which a certain business is oriented. A poorly-designed website puts off visitors and creates an unfavorable impression about your company as a whole. A good website, on the other hand, creates a favorable image of your company in the eyes of clients, partners and competitors.

In order to always be in control, keep your hand on the pulse, attract new clients and keep old ones, you must regularly update the contents of the website, adding new and interesting information, correcting old information as necessary and improving the design of the individual pages and sections. Even search engines give preference to websites where information is updated regularly.

Our specialists are also ready to provide statistical and analytical support, as well as regular reports on visits to your website and its performance indicators. If you wish, we can install special program modules that allow you to independently monitor the site’s information and graphic content and make the necessary additions and changes. The prices of the services are agreed with every customer individually depending on the desired end result. The period of support is also agreed separately. Support is possible either on a temporary or permanent basis. Thus, when you take advantage of our website support services, your business develops in step with the times, which means you save money, time and energy in attracting clients.



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