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Quality of services

The translation company GeoTranslate pays particular attention to the quality of the services it offers. We are able to provide high quality at reasonable prices. Our company has the capacity to cope with large orders within very tight deadlines, while smaller documents can be translated in the space of one hour. And we of course guarantee the absolute confidentiality and integrity of your materials.

Our company motto is: the reputation of a translation is its quality. And quality is paramount.
Our company views the task of bringing the standards of work on the Georgian market of translation services more into line with those on the European and world market. We believe this entails improving the efficiency of the business processes within translation companies, building civilized relations with clients, raising the salary level of the professional translator in Georgia to world standards. We consider high remuneration for the professional translator to be one of the components of translation quality. Intellectual services are expensive the world over and truly high-quality translation should be remunerated accordingly.
Our company offers translation services at a VERY high level.

We have three main categories for the provision of translation services:

1. «Easy translation» category: The translation is performed by a specialist with no less than three years' work experience. The Customer receives the translation of their material in a normal file (Word). As a rule, the given category is essential for the translation of internal company documentation, identification documents, and personal correspondence.
Imagine that you have decided to buy a car. But if you intend to use it just once per month it would not be, you will agree, a sensible purchase. It would be simpler to go by taxi. «Easy translation» is intended for precisely this kind of purpose — quick and of acceptable quality.
Another comparison: Mineral water. Perrier is very good and expensive water. It is hardly worth using it to boil in a kettle or to wash a window. For this purpose, simple, and of course purified, tap water will suffice.
We shall introduce some more comparisons later!

2. «Classic translation» category: «Classic translation» work at GeoTranslate is performed by a translator with at least five years? experience. The translation is composed according to the layout of the material in the original document. This category is the most common for translating the majority of materials in modern business life.
If it were a car, it would be an excellent midrange vehicle. Fully assembled.
The water is not simply from the tap and purified manually through a filer. This is water in plastic containers purified according to the standards of large-scale production.

3. «Premium translation» category: Performed by a translator of the highest category with great experience in the area of translating and editing. The «final product» translation is executed in the computer program required by the Customer. Page-proofing and editing services are provided free of charge. This form of translation is used for materials that are to be published, as well as international and state documents.

This is a top-of-the-range vehicle. Exceptional quality of the highest order plus free services at the firm's expense.

If this translation were a type of mineral water, it would be Perrier without a shadow of a doubt.

In this manner, in each category the quality of translation conforms to the stated aims.


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