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Interpreter guide

Quite often we are asked to provide qualified interpreter/guides to lead excursions or provide interpreting at exhibitions. Through the efforts of the Tbilisi City Government, tourism in the city is currently growing faster than ever. New hotels for foreigners are being built, infrastructure is being improved, and many cultural events to suit everyone’s taste are being organized.

An interpreter/guide can service one party or a group of several people. An interpreter/guide might be hired, for example, when a group of foreigners comes to Georgia and wishes to visit the cities of the Golden Ring or receive exhaustive information about their history and unique tourist attractions.

The route is always discussed with the client in advance. Particular emphasis is placed on choosing interesting historical places and comfortable excursion times. All the possible wishes of the customer are taken into consideration. A personal interpreter/guide can also give recommendations with regard to the selection of the hotel, places to eat and shop, etc.

Practice shows that interpreter/guides are especially popular among foreign writers traveling in Georgia . This is not surprising when you consider that many foreigners who visit Georgia have Georgian roots. After taking a fascinating excursion, they usually want to learn more about the multifaceted Georgian culture and the distinctive features of its traditions. Of course, this assumes that the level of training of the interpreter corresponds to the foreigners’ expectations.



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