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Consecutive translation

What is consecutive interpreting?

In consecutive interpreting the speaker makes logical pauses in the speech so as to give the interpreter time to translate what has been said. As a rule, consecutive interpreting is sufficiently effective at meetings with relatively few participants.
GeoTranslate provides interpreters to work at the following events:

— Business negotiations;
— Telephone negotiations;
— Seminars, meetings;
— Briefings, press conferences, presentations, exhibitions;
— Buffets, celebratory occasions;
— Assembly and setting-up of equipment involving a foreign specialist;
— Court hearings, document signing with notarization and mandatory reading aloud, and other legal procedures;
— Excursions around Tbilisi and the suburbs for overseas guests;
— Translation and dubbing of films, advertising clips.

GeoTranslate performs interpreting from practically every language. Due to its wide network of in-house and freelance professional interpreters, our customers are not limited in their choice of language or subject matter.

Advantages of consecutive interpreting:

— Consecutive interpreting does not require additional technical equipment;
— It is indispensable given the dynamic nature of negotiations involving a great deal of moving around, for example when working at industrial facilities, negotiating at presentations, accompanying delegations.
— This form of interpreting provides additional time for the negotiating parties, which could be used to consider the issue at hand in more detail (for example, during business negotiations).

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that this form of interpreting doubles the discussion speaking) time, since it is performed during the speaker's pauses.

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