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Depending on its purpose, interpreting comes in two main forms, simultaneous and consecutive.

Simultaneous interpreting is interpreting while the speaker speaks, thus allowing uninterrupted speech. Before the event, the interpreters have the opportunity to get a general idea of what the speaker wants to say. The interpreters usually work in pairs, replacing each other every 20 minutes or so. Moreover, the room in which the international conference, seminar or press conference is held must be large enough and specially equipped.

For less global events with a smaller number of participants (business and telephone negotiations with foreign partners, exhibitions, private and business meetings, including abroad), consecutive interpreting is used. With consecutive interpreting, the speaker pauses between short fragments of speech in order to allow the interpreter to interpret them. Preferably, the interpreter is allowed to get acquainted in detail with the speech, but this is not always possible, since at small and medium-sized events it is more likely that the participants will deviate from the schedule and discuss unplanned topics.


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