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The Translators' Bureau ltd GEOTRANSLATE   is a staff of experienced translators, having a twelve-year experience of work. All our translators have the higher education and make professional translations.
We shall help you to translate materials, concerning any sphere of activity beginning with private correspondence, localization of the program supply and localization of web sites. Our translators translate complex technical, medical, and juridical texts. Also the language connoisseurs will correct the already translated material and redact it. Our Translators' Bureau will render a service of language accompaniment of on-line business and hold a conversation with foreign partners.
One of the basic principles of our Translators' Bureau is an individual approach to each of our clients and strict observance of confidentiality. Thus the Bureau represents the best correlation of price and quality.
The job rates of our Translators' Bureau are more, than simply competitive. We can state it firmly that our prices are less than average prices, established at the market of translation service. Also the system of rebates operates in our Bureau at large amounts of translation and for our permanent clients. We are always ready to take and to make the most urgent translation. The Translators' Bureau GEOTRANSLATE has enough resources at its disposal to make urgent translations of any complexity.
Our bureau of translation heads for rendering services in the Internet. You can use the service of our translation being in any point of the world. Clients of our Translators' Bureau have the possibility to make an order and to receive a translation staying in their office. You can pay for our service by means of a bank transfer or a credit card.
The Translators' Bureau GEOTRANSLATE is your reliable partner!

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