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Translation from one foreign language into another

Translation from one foreign language into another is a service for those who do not need Georgian as the target language. Moreover, (as it is in traditional translation from/into Georgian) there remains a tendency for English to predominate as one of the languages.

Who needs this service and when? For example, if a foreign company with a head office in New York, London or any other country has a branch office in Georgia, it can turn to GeoTranslate for its document translation needs.

The advantage for customers is that we can provide this service significantly cheaper than our foreign colleagues. Moreover, the quality of the product remains invariably high, since the work is completed by specialists we know well.

The subject matter of the foreign-language-to-foreign-language translations that we’ve already done is diverse and touches on many spheres: human interest, political, advertising, real estate, gambling, the Internet, games and others.

As when working with the Georgian language, translation from a foreign language into a foreign language demands special linguistic preparation and a good feel for the relevant languages on the part of the translator and editor. GeoTranslate knows how to convey the emotional component of the original text—its style and expression.

Our experience and cooperation only with the best specialists in the field of translation makes it possible to guarantee top-notch results.

Our Translators' Bureau works on the following European and East languages with different combinations of translation:

-Georgian                         -English                            -German
-Russian                             -Dutch                               -French
-Armenian                        -Portuguese                     -Arabian
-Azerbaijan                     -Hebrew                        -Greek
-Polish                               -Lithuanian                      -Turkish
-Chinese                            -Italian                               -Spanish
-Japanese                         -Norwegian                    
-Latvian                            -



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