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Court interpreting

Especially often, the services of a professional interpreter are required in court proceedings involving foreign citizens.

Civil and procedural law states: “The court guarantees the right to participants in a case who do not know the language used in the court, except for representatives of legal entities, to familiarize themselves with the case materials and take part in the proceedings with the help of an interpreter…. However, the court itself provides an interpreter only in exclusive cases. In the United States, for example, the services of the interpreter are paid by the government, but in Georgia it is in the interest of the client to ensure that a good interpreter is engaged in advance.

Our company has extensive experience in providing interpreters for court proceedings and other legal situations. Besides an interpreter, we can recommend an experienced lawyer who will defend your interests in court. As practice shows, if the client decides to come to a court proceeding with an interpreter, he or she should inform the court of this in advance and obtain its consent and the consent of the other party.



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