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Accompaniment on business trip


The services of an interpreter for accompaniment on business trips are usually required when the client travels abroad or to a foreign branch office of the company that is located within Georgia . If an executive travels First of all, people who know the language of the destination country are usually more familiar with its culture and traditions, as well as its norms of public behavior. In addition, the client is relieved of a number of burdens associated with transportation and finding a place to stay in an unfamiliar country. There is always an experienced and knowledgeable person at the traveler’s side whose recommendations can be trusted.


The main work of the interpreter begins, of course, while meeting with the foreign partners and discussing specific issues. This is why, even if the client knows the foreign language well, the presence of an interpreter will help him or her to feel more confident, avoid possible misunderstandings when unfamiliar terminology is used, and make a more favorable impression about himself or herself. As a result, the traveler comes across as someone with whom it is possible to do business.

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